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Our projects here, in Rwanda, positively impact local communities in the following areas:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Environment
  • Clean Water Provision

CO2balance are involved in the cookstove projects within the Bugesera District in the Eastern Province of Rwanda as part of it "Improved Kitchen Regimes Multi-Country POA".

Twelve cook stove projects are being developed along with twelve borehole rehabilitation projects, the first of which are located in the Gatsibo district in Rwanda. For these borehole projects, CO2balance are working closely together with Rwandans4water, a non-profit organisation registered in Rwanda providing clean water solutions to communities. These projects are improving people's health conditions by providing clean water as well as inspiring and equipping the youth to be part of solutions to problems the country faces.

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      Project Name Project Status Ref
Cookstove Musanze Improved Cook Stoves Active GS1092
Cookstove GS1247 VPA 1 Improved Kitchen Regimes: Bugesera, Rwanda Active GS1267
Cookstove GS1247 VPA 7 Improved Kitchen Regimes: Kamabuye (Bugesera), Rwanda Active GS2891
Cookstove GS1247 VPA 8 Improved Kitchen Regimes: Ruhuha (Bugesera), Rwanda Active GS2892
Cookstove GS1247 VPA 9 Improved Kitchen Regimes: Mareba (Bugesera), Rwanda Active GS2893
Cookstove GS1247 VPA 10 Improved Kitchen Regimes: Nyarugenge (Bugesera), Rwanda Active GS2894

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